Nominees for the best Novel mobile service with largest global potential

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Who will be the next Angry Birds or Clash of Clans? Let us know about killer services that will conquer the world in near future.

Note that you can nominate also services that were launched before 2013. However, the jury will give emphasis to the novelty of the application.

In addition to liking nominees on Facebook, you can tell us why should your favourite nominee win.

Meeting Assistant®

Myyntitapaamiset ovat myyntiprosessin tärkein kohta. Meeting Assistant® on kokoustyökalu myyntitapaamisen ohjaukseen, siellä saatavan tiedon helppoon keräämiseen sekä eteenpäin viemiseen.

F-Secure Lokki

Lokki brings your family, friends and places together on one screen wherever you go. Staying in touch with the people you care about has never been this easy.

FrisbeeGolf Pro

Frisbeegolf score card is an excellent accessory for frisbee golf players. Application helps you keep track of the season’s scores and it can be used to monitor your progress. Includes all of the Finnish frisbeegolf ranges and ability to navigate to them.


Lue kirjoja missä ja milloin tahansa – läppäriltä, älypuhelimelta tai tabletilta.

Baby Book

Baby book for keeping track of baby's events and growth. Many useful features such as sync with SkyDrive, image attachments to events and measurements, and WHO growth charts. You can even publish events to social networks.

Tellyo - Share the Moment

Tellyo allows TV viewers to grab short video clips from TV and share instantly and legally with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Video clips make TV comments more fun and they help reaching new audiences - even those who don't watch TV.

Punainen Risti

The First Aid guide, blood donation details and a charity donation option. Anywhere, anytime - in Punainen Risti -application.

Rhythm Sheep

Rhythm Sheep is a game designed for training and testing rhythm skills. Listen the rhythm and repeat it as accurately as you can and watch the sheep position themselves according to your performance.


AllTogether makes it easy to meet nearby friends and have fun together. Application shows distance and direction of friends and allows instant messaging with inbuilt messaging feature.

HERE Transit

Makes finding the fastest public transportation easy.

Math Elements

Math Elements is an award winning curriculum based educational math game for children between 4-8 years. Your child trains their favorite mouse character to compete and win challenges against online cat opponents. Now children can Play & Learn!

Tunnel Ground

Tunnel Ground inc is a Finnish company specialised in creating entertainment media with united storylines for different media. Tunnel Ground subterranean dawn, the company's first products, have been released as a comic and mobile game on iOS stores

Golf Gamebook

Fantastically successful Finnish mobile service for golfers around the world. Keeps score with social features.

Nettitutka - Netradar

Netradar is a free service that provides lots of neutral and accurate information about the quality of mobile Internet connections and mobile devices, collected by the end users themselves around the world. It is available for all major mobile platforms.


Jokaisella suomalaisella kannattaa olla Tässä.fi-sovellus älypuhelimessaan. Yksi sovellus hoitaa monta asiaa nopeasti ja helposti. Saatavana kaikille älypuhelimille.


Innovative way to watch TV and soon any Premium IP Video/TV content. Forget the remote controls, different EPGs and use your mobile device to discover, pay and play content on any internet connected screen! P.S. HTML5 version to be launched before summer!

I-cat - Internet Catalog

Bookmark marketplace that works on any device. You will never lose your bookmarks when changing device.


Playmysong is the mobile social jukebox app for parties, bars, coffee shops and events. Launch your jukebox with your mobile or desktop device for the people around to enjoy. Over 27000 jukeboxes activated around the world since July 2012 and counting.

Spot Digger

Spot Digger is a free social mobile application and service that brings the best locations for skateboarding and snowboarding right to your pocket. Spot Digger is created by the top professionals in both sports.


mPadio is a patent pending interactive technology, that uses consumers’ smartphones to enhance offline shopping experience and generate incremental sales in real-time.